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Gaines Farm and Kennels

Harrington, Delaware

Producer of Working Lines German Shepherds and Seasonal Christmas Trees


Gaines Farm German Shepherds 

Seff Von Dem Waldkonig/ Bandit.
What should a protection dog look like? It depends upon the view that you're seeing it, owner or criminal! Unlike some German Shepherd  breeders or kennels, I work what I sell...working lines dogs. If you're going to produce workers, showcase it.

Our 2017 German Shepherd Litter is Coming!

Due Around March 28th


Welcome to the website for Gaines Farm and Kennels!

Please understand, no protection measure is 100% foolproof for home, business, or personal use. The MORE options you have, the better your security. Gaines Farm and Kennels is a small scale, working lines German Shepherd kennel and Christmas Tree farm located just northwest of Harrington, Delaware. 

The focus of our kennel operation is on producing quality working lines dogs that can be viewed as prospects for: K-9 Personal Protection, Law Enforcement/Security, Search and Rescue, Service and Therapy Dog venues, Family Companions, and used in the many K-9 sports. You won't find any white German Shepherds, cowhocked or sloped back dogs, long or plush coats, American lines, or even show lines animals here. We like real dogs, those bred for work. 

If you're not interested in German Shepherds, we're also a Delaware Department of Agricultural, licensed grower of seasonal Christmas Trees and trees for landscaping applications. Everything is grown on our farm. We don't cut trees from out of state and bring then in for resale, that would make us a retail outlet and not a tree farm! Gaines Christmas Tree Farm began growing trees since 1997.

We have many varieties and sizes to choose. Prices for fresh cut trees start at $25.00. Seasonal tree sales start on Black Friday and end on or before Christmas Eve. We offer tag now, fresh cut daily, and you dig. No artificial dyes or sprays are used. With hundreds of trees on our farm to choose, start your tradition with a tree from us this year!


Gaines Farm Pepper, AKC-CGC/PPD

"What do you mean...spit the bad guy out?"


"Don't be fooled by some kennels or breeders..."

Have you ever notices that some "breeders" or "kennels" have the same photos, year after year? What makes matters even worst, some take photos from other's and claim them to be theirs! If you're going to call your kennel and animals WORKING LINES, shouldn't you work them?

Not all German Shepherds can function in the many K-9 venues which are out there, many will not make the grade for law enforcement or K-9 protection train. There are two factors you need to understand: genetics and training help create the true working dog. Our dogs start from real working lines, nothing is from the show lines or backyard bred venues.

Our dogs train with the Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club and we use different helpers/decoys in the training process. Lastly, our dogs have the AKC Canine Good Citizen title or are working towards it. New for 2017, we're adding the Therapy Dog certification to our kennel use too...because some of our dogs are just that flexible!


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